Box Hair Color vs Professional Hair Color

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Go For The Experience

Robert Cromeans, well known for his superior talent in the art of hair design and an iconic Paul Mitchell stylist, stated at a hair show in Chicago that he doesn’t charge his guests for their hair cuts; he charges them for the experience he gives them.  Walking into a Paul Mitchell salon is a very different and distinct experience than walking into other salons.  The atmosphere is positive and welcoming, with the scent of tea tree lingering in the air.  Every stylist’s main focus is their guest, and not only making their hair look great, but also making them feel great. The ambiance is warm, friendly, and inviting.  The stylists are smiling and conversing with their guests in a sincere and professional manner.  The salon is edgy and neat; the wash house is relaxing, and each shampoo is an invigorating massage.  Your blow dry and style takes time because your stylist applies the products your hair needs to look the way you want it to, and uses different brushes and tools to get it to lay just right.  You have this connection with your stylist because they take the time to make you feel great, not just about how your hair looks, but also about how you feel you look.  They offer honest opinions and give you recommendations on how to achieve this look yourself and how to keep up with it. Your stylist is your hair’s best friend, and the Paul Mitchell salon you go to gives you the opportunity to relax for a few hours, knowing that you will look and feel amazing when you leave.  This Paul Mitchell salon is a place you long to return to, a place where you can escape the hectic day-to-day stress, somewhere you can sit in a chair, let out a deep breath, and relax.

The stylists that work in Paul Mitchell salons weren’t born knowing how to give great scalp massages and over-the-top blowouts. They didn’t wake up one morning with the knowledge of how to cut and color hair, how to dress and act professionally, or how to have and maintain the positive energy that pulled you in the door the very first time you opened it.  The experience you pay for every couple of weeks was something your stylist learned.  He or she chose to go to a Paul Mitchell school because they, too, were pulled into the school by the same ambiance.  Paul Mitchell is not a quintessential brand in the beauty industry just because of its amazing products and color line; but also because of the Paul Mitchell Culture, the “experience” that distinguishes every salon and school that embodies it from all other salons and schools.  The staff at these Paul Mitchell schools exemplifies this positive energy and provokes it in the future professionals.  These future professionals keep and maintain this positivity, and take it with them to their career in the beauty industry.  Along with this mentality, they also take with them their guests they’ve had while in school.  There is a reason you chose that Paul Mitchell salon and continue returning to it, for the same reason your stylist chose a Paul Mitchell school and finished there: the experience.  So share it!  Bring in friends and family to let them experience our culture and maybe the positivity will be contagious enough to spread.  You can help us change the world one guest at a time.

By: Erica King

Bella Capelli Academy, A Paul Mitchell Partner School

Pittsburgh, PA

beauty, cosmetology, hair, paul mitchell, pittsburgh, pmtslife

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It's Christmas Time at Bella Capelli!

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